Thursday, May 4, 2017

Web Marketing

How to Market Online ?

Marketing has changed with the advent of the web. Here is a quick summary of how to market through your website.

Unique Sales Proposition
Who are your Prospects
What words might they use
Information Giving
Objection Removal
Call To Action
Getting on Google
Moving Customers to Advocates
Keep at IT
Unique Sales Proposition

The first thing you have to do is decide on what is your Unique Sales Proposition. Your USP is the concept or idea about your products that will make your prospects act - decide that your product or service is a better fit to their needs than any other competing product.

The USP is what you really sell - the goods and services are just its embodiment. The prospect has in their head some vision or image of what they will do with your product or service - do You know what it is? Get your USP very clear in your head. TOC

Who are your Prospects

With your USP clearly identified, think about who might be "turned on" by it. Think about the demographics - the special interests of your potential customers. What words might they use to describe the need they want to satisfy?

Avoid trying to satisfy two different groups with the same pages - try to separate their needs. TOC

What words might they use

So these people who might buy your product - what do they call the products, the things they do with the product?

You need to work on developing about 6 words or phrases that you think they might use.
Then try these words in Google - does Google find sites that are your competitors?
Read the competitors sites - what words are they using in their text, particularly in the Title at the top of the browser window. View source and see their meta-tags as Descriptions and Keywords.
Repeat on Yahoo and MSN.

Finalise this set of words and then use them in the first 250 characters of the relevant pages. Our tools provide specific places where you should enter these words. TOC


Your site will not show up in high rankings on search engines until it has been used by many prospects. So you must tell everyone about your website www name.
Put it on your shop front.
Put it on your business cards and letterhead.
Advertise in local newspapers.
Drop flyers in letterboxes.
Always ask shoppers for their email address and thank them for purchasing by email showing links to your website.

Attract these early visitors with Gifts, Special Offers, Competitions - anything which encourages them to go to your site.

Use Viral Marketing - reward both the referrer and the referee. Use Gift Certificates. We provide these facilities. TOC

Information Giving

Many of your pages will be informational. Yes, they will only buy what they know about!

Remember your visitor is looking for something - give them crisp answers - nothing clever and obscure. Summarise the obvious data a customer may be searching for. Use a link to more detailed information.

Show the price early in the dialogue - if it is not obvious it is annoying to some of your visitors. TOC

Objection Removal

When your visitor decides that they have found what they were looking for a whole series of "objections" come to their mind. This is particularly so with products which are technically complex or for parts that must operate with other products.

So provide this information in a detailed document. Use a Table of Contents to help them navigate a large document. If the details are information you would expect to ask an engineer it may pay to change the style of the page to look more technical - get rid of graphics (except for diagrams).

A special case is "Is this the same as I last bought?". Always show them their previous purchases if they are likely to want to buy more of the same. TOC

Call To Action

If the customer has found what they want, got through their perceived objections, make it easy for them to buy. Show the price then show an Add To Cart icon. TOC

Getting on Google

You will have already been very careful in naming your pages (Long Name) and in entering text in Search Description and your Meta-tags. Your site will be cross-linked with ours.

When the site is ready to publish let us know and we will perform the webmaster functions for Google. Our software automatically generates the SiteMap XML file needed for Google. It also generates a sitemap so that all your links can be found even if very deep. The Robot tag is automatically generated on appropriate pages.

We can then examine in detail the search words which bring up your site. We recommend that you use Google Adwords for the first few months.

Remember that graphics do not convey text content to search engines. Avoid graphics that may look like text but are not, particularly avoid navigation menus in graphics. TOC

Moving Customers to Advocates

A key issue for most sites is to encourage customers to return and continue to buy. Even more is to turn some customers into advocates - people who will recommend you to other prospects.

Plan to use the "3rd Column" facility for testimonials.

Encourage your customers to register and provide their details. TOC

Keep at IT

You need to review the WebStats to see who is visiting your site, where they enter, where they exit and the navigation patterns they follow. These WebStats show you search words which have lead to click-thrus to your site. TOC


Once your web site is properly constructed and promoted use our eMarketing tools to keep driving sales! TOC

Friday, April 14, 2017

Seo expert from Infosys

Hi There,

This is Tinil Joseph ! I am Digital marketing expert specializing in SEO and PPC with experience of 7.5 years!

Just resigned from Infosys as a assistant manager, prior to that I was team lead for Seo team! I have handled around 6 team ( Seo, tagging, social media, quary & insight, DTM, web reporting).

So experience is not a matter for me. Now I have shifted my job as a consultant and has been consulting for some software companies.

So if you want your business to boost or you are looking for get into online marketing then here I am to help you.

I give you assurance you will not be disappointed when you approach me for consulting!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Top 10 SEO Company in CHENNAI

Top 10 SEO Company in CHENNAI

Chennai also has some of the best SEO companies in India. The number of SEO companies in this city is comparatively less. However, still Chennai has some SEO companies which are best in serving you the best result.Most of these companies are very new and started by young individuals ready to give SEO solutions according to your need.


SEO Infinity is a certified SEO company which has spread its wings to fly high with a wide range of outsourcing solutions and SEO company services.The framework of our operations is governed by our code of conduct and rules of web marketing governance.The list of satisfied clients of us is the reason of hard work and high quality service under reasonable price.SEO company rankings develop the strategies to arrive at the top position with highly developed SEO techniques to receive better business prospects for our customers.

We provide our clients a global recognition with services at 24/7 atmosphere as one of the search engine optimization SEO companies.With SEO services it becomes easy to tackle the online competition more effectively and it gives a strong online presence to any business.SEO infinity offers comprehensive and professional SEO services to generate higher leads generation, remarkable number of sales for an enhanced ROI.We offer efficient SEO optimization services of each web page of your website, so that you get the best ranking in the SERP's through constant and out of the box ideas and strategies.SEO infinity has an experienced team of SEO professionals who follow the innovative SEO methods to generate traffic on your website regularly.

SEO infinity looks upon various factors to wile strategizing the SEO plan for your company so as to ensure you get guaranteed SEO services.


KVN Promo

Our top management consists of highly experienced and qualified marketing professionals having six to ten years of specialized marketing experience in different sectors being Indian SEO company.At KVN Promo we believe that it is the greatest level of importance to clearly live up to code of ethics that promotes superiority in ourselves and for our valued clients.
Services Code of Ethics - 100 % Guaranteed
Job Practice - 100% Guaranteed
SEO experts at KVN Promo use On-site and Off-site optimisation tactics to give better rankings and better visibility for your page or website.KVN Promo have an experienced an enthusiastic SEO experts in team who can manage search engine marketing campaigns for organizations' of all shapes and sizes.We look through the competitor's website to understand about the keywords and key phrases they are using to push their products and sales.
Keywords with higher search volumes and higher competition cost quite a bit more to rank.
For example, a highly competitive keyword like "tours and travels" is much more difficult to rank for than "tours and travels in Chennai".A lot of the SEO services provider by search engine marketing companies tend to be much cheaper than ads while you have to invest to get your site up in the rankings, after your site reaches the first page of Google the new leads that it generates are completely free, which means you will be getting new customers every day simply from the Google search.


Scorpio Technologies

Over the past 15 years we have worked with thousands of satisfied customers, understanding their needs and providing custom web solutions in the form of websites and web applications, SEO, online ads etc.Our very talented team of web designers, developers and marketers dedicate themselves in bringing the highest level of web development and marketing solution in order to ensure you achieve the best out of your investment.
Make a responsive business website or e-commerce website
Develop mobile and web apps
Generate qualified leads
Increase traffic and sales
Since 1999, we have been making outwardly shocking, profoundly useful and easy to use sites for organizations, helping them to draw in right clients through our front line, focused on internet showcasing arrangements.
SEO Audit and Analysis (i.e. keyword analysis, competitor analysis etc.)

On-Page SEO.
Off-page SEO.
Local SEO.
Content Support.
Backlink Removal & Disavow
Removal of SEO Penalties


Init SEO

We perform efficient on page and off page improvement to get Page # 1 rankings on aggressive catchphrases to raise the yield of our customers through their sites.
As one of driving advanced showcasing offices in India, we totally see simply creating immense movement and first page positioning in web indexes don't mean anything unless they form your business into a productive online deals motor.
Unimportant of your business being Business to Business or Business to Consumer section, your single thought can be created to achieve the finest outcome by our specialists.

By what means can our SEO Service enhance you business:
1.Utilizing natural SEO administrations device for best rankings in natural hunt.
2.Driving quality guests to the site to expand the deals.
3.Help in brand building mindfulness.
4.Taking after the Google redesigns to create successful outcome.


Sci Flare Technologies

We are a group of 20+ youthful nerds with ability in Mobile and Web Stack, with Over 8+ years of involvement in serving different Industries/Domains, having set our foot Globally we have demonstrated time and again that we are a class separated with regards to taking the Business Logic to Next Level with profound comprehension of the prerequisites and We can gladly say we have made THE BEST User Experience (UX) and User Interfaces for the Applications we have constructed, be it Enterprise or Startups.

13 Countries Served
153 Apps Delivered
1 Million+ Lines of Code

We respond first, we follow a defined TAT (Turn Aroudnd Time)
We follow Agile Methodology, Releases are faster.
Versatality of Skillsets from Cloud Architecture to Wireframes
We are flexible, we understand the Startup World
We own the Product as much as you do, we are never short of ideas


Vanan Designs

With the best possible SEO included on a site and the substance in it, a site can manage on the web and get recorded on the prominent web indexes.Web optimization implies Search Engine Optimization, which includes the way toward streamlining your sites as indicated by the requests of the well-known web search tools working over the world.Search engine optimization website architecture should be possible just by a capable fashioner and SEO experts with years of experience.Vanan Designs is a main SEO organization having the immense potential to make striking sites incorporated with all SEO highlights.Inventive substance author Chennai organization, Vanan Designs, prides from an optimistic standpoint content written work administrations to our customers.



InfiniX is one of the first class Digital Marketing Company in Chennai, India! At InfiniX, we have only One Goal. Conveying extraordinary ROI for your Digital Marketing Budget. Call us or simply fill in the Contact us shape. Best practices of Search Engine Optimization for your necessities and give excellent administrations of Search Engine Optimization, Link Building and Content-Marketing. It's incorporate
Keyword Analysis & Strategy
Website Architecture Optimization
Code Optimization
Content Strategy & Optimization
Infographic Creation

Website design enhancement is developing, complex and huge amounts of exertion should be placed into get the best outcomes that is the reason clients pick infiniX the most trusted SEO Company in India.Regardless of whether you as of now have a site or quite recently began to make another site, we can help you with all SEO benefits in Chennai or regardless of the possibility that you are situated in some other piece of world.
Drive quality visitors to your website and increase sales drastically
Lower customer acquisition cost in comparison to other advertising and marketing channels

Generate new sales leads
Build brand awareness



devIMS (Development Internet Marketing Services) is a professionally overseen web improvement organization since 2007 guaranteeing top-notch web administrations for organizations everywhere throughout the globe. With the exceedingly acquainted experts crosswise over nations, we work from our Global conveyance focus in Singapore and from our workstations in India.

Web Designing, Web Development, Website streamlining (SEO), Web index Marketing (SEM) or Pay Per Click (PPC) , Online networking Optimization(SMO)

Helper benefits that best bolster our claims to fame incorporate realistic outlining, content improvement, online business planning and advancement administrations. With the group of lively, abundant and youthful personalities, we can't however give just amazing administrations. devIMS has been submitted and still keeps on being focused on large amounts of benchmarks, moral qualities and obligation of yielding positive ROI for each customer.

It is Practical: Years of experience did just not sharpen our abilities but rather additionally gave us a presentation of what works and what does not. Pragmatic relevance is a genuine preferred standpoint our customers appreciate. We convey Quality: Clients continue getting back for more elevated amount of ability which represents our quality.

We are Professionals: Our faith in the fitting usage of customer's opportunity and assets make us the best experts in the country. We grasp: We regard customers' chance and we put stock in their business goals. We acknowledge to offer administrations simply after we completely comprehend the prerequisites of the customers. This has been our approach since beginning.


Stay Front

we offers best in class Search Engine Optimization (SEO) administrations to place business sites on front page of all real web indexes like Google, Bing, Yahoo when scanned for important industry particular search query or watchwords. Stayfront take after just white-cap enhancement systems and guarantee to place business sites on a Stayfront won't just barely give answer for the underneath however we facilitate in all parts of our customers' needs and deal with their total business online action. Stayfront has culminate co-appointment systems put inline for every site and give our Analytic reports, proposals took after by strategy.At the point when the site is higher positioned and discovered all the more as often as possible on the front page of the web crawlers' outcomes page, then the site will get more guests from the web indexes clients.our administrations, intended to address the issues of people, little and medium-sized organizations and vast partnerships, incorporate website architecture, web improvement portable application advancement, web facilitating ,Doodle animation,website maintanence,E-business web arrangements ,site update services.we are granted as the one of the presumed web designing organization in chennai.we are giving Customized Applications and creative answers for customers in national and abroad.

Cost Effective Advertising
Online Reputation
Increase Your Brand Quality
Target New Market Area
Improve Your Website Usability
Increase Trust of Your Brand
Increase Traffic
Beat Your Competitors

10.E Data Pro

We Offers an extensive variety of Search Engine Optimization Company India SEO Services and BPO Services like SEO Company India, SEO Services, SEO Consultant India, Search Engine Optimization India,, Data Entry Company, Data Conversion Services, Data Processing Services, Document Scanning Company, Book Scanning Services, and we additionally offer I.T Enabled Services like Software Application Development Company, Web Development India, Document Management System, Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services coordinate the high International measures as far as effectiveness, dependability and exactness.E-DataPro Data Conversion Service incorporates XML Conversion Service, Website Designing India, HTML Conversion Services, PDF Conversion Service, and Book Conversion Services.We endeavor towards consumer loyalty through the nonstop change of our SEO Service and concentrating on upgrading profitability by executing propelled Search Engine Optimization Companies and (BPO) innovation.

Client Centric approach - "We are a great deal more than a seller; we are your accomplice".
Going for greatness.
Ingenious Entrepreneurship.

So these were best 10 SEO organizations in Chennai. You could visit their site and get in touch with them on Phone to get more subtle elements. In the event that you are searching for all the more than check this rundown of well-known Indian SEO organizations.

Monday, January 30, 2017

SeoFirmBangalore in Chennai

SeoFirmBangalore is one of the leading internet marketing company in Bengaluru. With its great performance, it has ranked high on credibility and reliability scale in the digital world. We help our clients with our advanced web tools to increase their online sales. With great efforts to bring additive betterment, we maintain a long term relationship. We help our clients to reach their goals in online exposure with our fine delivery standards support. We provide our online marketing solutions across the globe. We started it a decade ago to help our clients in digital marketing service. To serve the digital marketing needs in area of designing, web development, digital service and e business among people who are having skills in technologies.

To deliver amazing results and fulfil our client’s business requirements, we provide creative and innovative thought. We understand our clients to considerable extent to unite both right strategy and right tech to get the right result. We offer services like SEO, PPC, SMM etc... To provide betterment to our clients branding.



Not all SEO company are the same. You must know the difference between a good one and a bad one as it is resulting in google ranking. We visualize you with certain points of working with a bad SEO provider and why we are better than the rest.


Our PPC campaign consider as the best. We provide effective service to all the major campaign and render effective strategies to major search engine like google, yahoo etc. We assure you the achievement in your campaign and online business with extreme cost effective and high target to build your own online brand.


It is critical to reach to your online target and create your brand name. We make sure to provide custom developed services to our clients. We render you the best consulting service to communicate via social media to purchase your brand name. We spent our quality time to give you the best strategies and keep you well informed of our every step.



Our designing department is professionalism. We customize the design that suits your business goals, product and services. We focus on the appearance of the site, high creativity and elegance are the two that we play with. With careful thought we use images with relevant information that keep your users attentive. For a wonderful experience, we use simple and user friendly navigations. We use latest graphic tech and easily editable websites. Our motto is to execute our client’s views.


We offer the best service to create your online identity. With the best trends and techniques, we empower your brand name. We reach you via social media and e commerce with your attentive in a short time period. With ease, we ensure the profit generation of your business.


We provide you with a hassle-free hosting and maintenance service. We keep your site professional and updated. We rendered to small business to huge organizations. We avail you with many things. To regularly check errors, bugs etc. To update latest data and trouble shoot. To improve search engine page rankings.

Friday, October 28, 2016

seo engineer: expert seo services company cochin kochi kerala india kochi, kerala

seo engineer: expert seo services company cochin kochi kerala india kochi, kerala

Its all about smart work guys, I sow this "seo engineer: expert seo services company cochin kochi kerala india kochi, kerala, suggested by google. I though Why not I rank for this!

I am always smart in ranking! 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Why Evaporate Interact is best SEO provider..?

Welcome to our Software & Website factory
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is to provide service for more than one million companies and also to become a leading CONCERN.

       We assure we will finish your projects with 110 % of your satisfaction. We will save your time and money. Because we have made a network and the developers will communicate each other and complete the project with full satisfaction and with perfectness.

E Marketing Benefits for the Builders :

    Make your work easier.
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    We classify your needs in various tasks, hence we can make it with perfection with a perfect developer.
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    We will make your each and every product to reach the valuable and related peoples.

Functions of Evaporate Interact :

For clients satisfaction our Evaporate Interact had gathered many developers from several parts of the world and they are waiting with their good practice, hard work and talent to make your work more effective and valuable.

A Complete Solutions for..,

Evaporate Interact SERIVESS ARE,

    SEO / SEM Site Maintance
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    Logo / Template
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    Virtul Designs etc..,